Give a hug or a compliment!

Today December 1st was the first day of an Advent challenge I convinced my husband, Jason, to do with me. The challenge was to give a hug or a compliment to someone. I’m a hug type person so this was actually pretty easy for me but for Jason not intuitive. So it was surprising, that when leaving my moms after picking up our daughter that he said to her, “Let me give you a hug and say Thank You for always helping with Laina. I really appreciate it.” My mom was surprised as well, her eyes got happy and she said, “Thank You.”

This reminded me that it really doesn’t take a whole lot to make most people happy. A little acknowledgement for a job well done or a kind word to encourage or support someone doesn’t cost any money but how many of us do it as much as we should? From the daily headlines I would venture to say it doesn’t happen often. The news is so negative, always looking for someone to make fun of or someone to denigrate or looking for things that are wrong in general. I’m not sure why I even bother to read it, except sometimes there is something cool like the latest Mars probe landing or something informative, like George H.W.’s passing.

Jesus was always encouraging. He told the truth, which was hard to hear at times but His words always ended with encouragement and hope. That’s all most people want.

We had a great run this morning. Saw some beautiful morning light and my run felt good. I felt and feel stronger than I have in a long time. Still eating healthy and focusing on the positive changes that brings me, instead of the chocolate chip cookie I know will make me feel tired later.

Deena Kastor says changing your mindset is key to making improvements, a lot of other people say the same thing too, Saint Paul said we would be transformed by the renewing of our mind. It all starts with kind, good and holy words to ourselves and others.

So today, on the first Day of December, for Advent Challenges, Morning Light and every day a new chance to do better and be better…I Give Thanks!


Here’s some pictures from our run this AM:

The first is my favorite morning light picture that I took just as the sun rose. The second is an orchard we can’t usually see during summer because the trees are too thick. The leaves had almost all fallen and it was like peeking into a different place as we ran by..


2 thoughts on “Give a hug or a compliment!

  1. I know exactly what you mean about the news. It’s unrelentingly negative. Advent is a good time to stop and breathe and find the positive again. Seems like you’re doing that. Happy Holidailies!


    1. Oh…I’m very guilty of being negative. I can think of a few blog posts that have been whiny and complaining, not my best moments. Sometimes, I think about deleting them but I’m thinking maybe one day my daughter will read my blog and I want her to know all of me, even the confused, angry, sad, whiny negative me so she can see people can change. I think I’m changing. My husband says I’m more stable, with a better attitude and I laugh more these days. Thanks for the comment. I think it’s the first one ever for this blog! :-)!!


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