Be kind to yourself…

Does getting new socks count? I got some comfy cozy new socks because I really like the brand. I didn’t really need socks so I guess I’m going to count this.

Today we did the annual Jingle Bell Run in our town. Fresno, Ca has a lane that is pretty popular, it’s called Christmas Tree Lane. It’s in an older neighborhood with million dollar homes and really old, tall, beautiful pine trees. They drape lights on the trees and practically every house on the lane gets decked out. Local high schools have provide murals that are displayed and home owners put up their own decorations as well. You can find all of Santa’s reindeer along the lane as well. The run is a 5K and today I felt really good. Before the run my husband and I ran six miles in our neighborhood so we ran a total of 9 miles today and I felt good! It’s so nice to be running without hurting again. I just have to remind myself not to get too excited and push too hard or I might find myself back where I was, miserable and in pain.

I love to run and since the half we always run was cancelled this year because of wild fire smoke, we have signed up for a different half on January 6th. It’s on a route we train on almost every weekend so I think it will be okay. I’m feeling strong, which also keeps me sticking to eating healthy. Well today we did go to a rib place and had at least one side that wasn’t the greatest but for the most part we stuck to the plan.

Well, for a fun run today with our daughter, for a fun horse drawn carriage ride in the afternoon, for love, life, and family…I Give Thanks!


Here’s a picture of a house on the lane from this morning and a couple of the lane in the evening :-)!!


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