Hide a nice note for someone to find…

Well I didn’t do this one but I think I kept the intended spirit. I wrote Christmas cards!!

I think last year was the first year, in awhile , that we didn’t send out a family picture Christmas card. I bought cards and wrote in them and mailed them out. We did do a family picture New Years Card for certain friends of ours that are in our adoption group but not Christmas.

About two years ago I began to feel like I was highjacking Jesus’s holiday. I spent so much time looking for the “right” pictures, etc…I felt like it was taking away the reason we were celebrating. I remember I was talking to Jason about all the little ways the reasons for Christmas had been taken and changed and I remember saying, “We’ve even taken Jesus off our Christmas cards and replaced Him with us and news about us.” We both looked at each other and were like, hmmm and ya. In our view, not good. We are Christians so it’s probably a good idea to keep Jesus at the center and so last year and this year I took our picture off our cards and put Him back. My hand hurts after I sign them all and I try to write a short little note inside. For family who are nearby I invite them over for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. I try to write something nice in each card, even if it’s just a wish for a good holiday season and a happy new year! But you know what, for whatever reason last year and this year I found it was a lot less stressful and the cards are done and ready to put!

Anyway, as someone I know would say, it’s not a salvation issue, putting ourselves on cards instead of the one we celebrate, neither is doing a catch up letter like many people we know do, it’s just our issue. We want to remember why we celebrate. We will do New Years Cards again for our adoption friends and a few others who I want to touch bases with but who don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas but for now I think I’m going to keep doing a more traditional Christmas card.

Today, for finishing our Christmas cards, for Sunday breakfast with family, Gingerbread house decorating, watching Arthur Christmas (love that movie), getting to see our neighbor who is recovering from open heart surgery, broken vertebrae in his back from a fall, the loss of his wife, dog and cat (pray for him if you are a praying person, he looks strong but that’s a lot of loss for anyone) and for getting our house lights up…I Give Thanks!


Here’s a picture of a funny church sign down the street from us. My husband, a Star Wars sign thought was hilarious. Another of little God-Son working on his Gingerbread House. he’s very determined. He also thought the “glue” was tasty!


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