Donate unwanted used books to charity…

I did this about three weeks ago when we did a major consolidation and room clean up so sadly I don’t have any more to donate. We donated several boxes of books. I love books! I have many books on my bookshelf that I haven’t even read, but I hope one day I will. Maybe, when I finally decide that this will never be reality I will donate those as well. There are just too many books in the world and at the same time not enough. I say this because I have two books I’m working on off and on and in reality are no where near completion. I have two friends who have recently released their own novels and I admire their persistence and willingness to share stories they love with others.

The first is a story called Always Darkest by Jessica and Keith Flaherty. It’s a cool story about a demon and the daughter of an arch-angel falling in love. I really enjoy well thought out characters and character development in a story and you find that here. It was a good read and the next one should be released soon, I think. Here’s a link to buy the book, which I think is totally worth it: and here’s a link to her blog

The second is a story called The Caves of Corihor by JD Shiner. Admittedly I haven’t read much past the first chapter. The premise is the Ca drought has been brought about by terrorist somehow. Like I said I haven’t read it but I find it an interesting idea. I need to read this one soon because part II comes out this summer! Here’s a Amazon link to that book but remember I haven’t finished this one so I’m not sure…

I have two stories of my own that I’ve been working on for awhile. One is about a runner trying to make a come back and the other is about a dragon named Olivia. Sadly, I haven’t had any time to write on them lately and I’m thinking I really need to lay out a plot line. I tend to write free flow, whatever pops into my head and I’m finding that’s just not a very efficient way to actually finish anything.

My husband has a series he’s working on with an idea I find intriguing. As it’s his series I won’t divulge too much but I find the idea really fascinating and he is a great writer, despite what he thinks.

I LOVE books! I enjoy writing as well. In another life I might have majored in English or at least devoted more time to writing but so far my path hasn’t quite gone that route. I think I could spend more time writing if I was more intentional. It seems one life lesson I have learned this year is intentionality and it just occurred to me that may well end up being my One Word for 2019.

Living life with intention. We are working on a family mission statement because we believe our family needs to be intentional about how we live the One earthly life we have.

Today for a nice lunch with Jason, unsweetened black iced tea from Starbucks, dried figs (I love them), music! (Listening to all the recital pieces at my daughter’s piano school, beautiful!), and last but not least for books…I Give Thanks!



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