Smile at two random strangers…

Well, I tried to smile at people I didn’t know, but I think I may have just scared them.  Between fighting off “something” and needing to grocery shop, mail all those Christmas cards I wrote up and needing to grade another stack of finals tonight, my smile may have looked a little more like a smile from this guy:

Image result for The Joker

which, frankly, may have concerned some people…It was fun to note, however, how many strangers a person can come across in a day, especially when out and about.  I made an effort to smile at the lady at the post office who held the door open for me.  I smiled at the old lady who took a really really long time in the meat section of the market buying a pork shoulder, as I wanted one too, I had no choice.  I smiled at the people in the game store I went to today to shop for Christmas gifts for my husband and there are always students I encounter on a daily basis, who I don’t know, but who I always try to say Hi to and smile at.  

Hmm…many opportunities to brighten someones day with a simple upturn of the lips.  It’s somehow reassuring to have someone smile at you.  It makes you feel like everything, somehow, will be ok.  I think that’s why it’s even better when its a stranger.

So all in all I enjoyed this challenge and hope I didn’t scare anyone with my smile…

Today for getting my finals graded, for broccoli, its a super food and I’m hopeful it will lead to me getting rid of this “something”, for guitar lessons, my recital is tomorrow, and for Smiles…I Give Thanks!


I’ll leave you with this song by “the” legend…


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